Lawn Aeration – Benefits

  1. Reduces Compaction – Over the course of the year the soil below all that green grass becomes compacted. All the ball games, mowing and backyard get togethers add to the compaction problem. Once the soil becomes compacted it’s really difficult for the plant’s roots to sink deeper into the ground where much needed water and nutrients is more readily available. Deeper roots really helps in plant sustainability as deeper roots help the plant to resist drought and the stresses of summer.
  2. Breaking Up the Thatch Layer – Thatch is made up of a layer of dead plant material and when it becomes too thick offers an ideal place for diseases to develop and insects to hide, both of which can cause damage to your lawn. Aeration is an ideal method to break that barrier and help prevent those harmful diseases from developing.
  3. Penetration – Air and Nutrients – Plug aeration works by drilling holes in the ground. By penetrating the surface you not only help air to get into the root zone you also significantly improve absorption of whatever fertilizer you apply. Increase the absorption and you get more benefit from the nutrients you apply, which is better for your pocketbook and better for your lawn!
  4. Turn Thatch Into Compost – Over time all the thatch that comes up in each of the aerator’s tines, when combined with the soil plugs is transformed into a type of compost. Once broken up the thatch material together with the soil provide an ideal environment for the development of micro-organisms ultimately beneficial your lawn.

When to Aerate

As a general rule of thumb fall is the ideal time to plug aerate. In most instances fall is the time when many of us go about the task of fixing all the damage done over the summer and it’s the best time to seed. Fall is the time to seed, feed and aeration will certainly aid in seed establishment and absorption of the nutrients you apply. Spring is also a perfectly acceptable time to aerate, but be sure you do so after weeds appear, but before they flower and put down seeds.

Regardless of the season you decide to aerate, make sure the area to be worked is irrigated to aid in penetration by the machine’s tines. So short of a helping hand from Mother Nature, be sure to give the lawn a through watering in the 24 to 48 hours before you plan on running the machine.