NutriScape Extended 18-5-10 Plant Food – 50 lbs.


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Slow release plant food (18-5-10) is ideal for use as a top-dress to feed trees, shrubs, and other landscape ornamentals.

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NutriScape 18-5-10 Fertilizer Plant Food should be a part of an integrated landscape maintenance program. In most landscape situations nutrients are not naturally replenished at a sufficient rate to guarantee optimum health and appearance. The objective of most landscape fertilization programs is to improve the health and appearance of plantings by providing proper fertility. Other objectives for which NutriScape 18-5-10 Fertilizer may be used include: supplementing nutrients known to be deficient, encouraging foliar or root growth, increasing bloom or fruiting, or to aid in recovery from injury or disease.

  • Long-lasting feeding with 75% controlled release nitrogen.
  • Single application top-dress for feeding trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and other landscape ornamentals.
  • Contains slow release urea nitrogen and controlled release potassium.

Application & Coverage
NutriScape 18-5-10 Fertilizer is designed for top-dress application. For individual plants apply the product evenly within the dripline or known root area. The feeder roots of large shrubs and trees may extend well beyond the dripline. Adjust the recommended rate and treated area accordingly.
For densely planted areas or ground covers broadcast  NutriScape 18-5-10 Fertilizer evenly over the entire area at a rate of 1.1 – 3.3 LBS per 100 SQ FT, (2 – 6 LBS N/1000 SQ FT). NutriScape 18-5-10 Fertilizer can be lightly raked into the mulch or soil surface.
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