Repellex Mole, Vole & Gopher Granular Repellent & Control – 7 lbs. Jug


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Repellex Granular prevents burrowing animals from digging up your lawn and garden.

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Burrowing animals like moles, gophers, and voles can cause major damage to your yard and garden.  Reduce damage caused by these mammals with Repellex® Mole, Vole & Gopher Repellent. Designed to absorb into the soil quickly dis-flavoring food sources and creating an uncomfortable habitat. During normal weather conditions this product can last up to 4-6 weeks and offer protection from moles, voles and gophers. Safe to use on your lawn and garden.
The active ingredients include castor oil, cinnamon, pepper and garlic oils. The granular formula is made with post-consumer recycled cellulose, working faster and better than other carrier granules. To apply, pour into a broadcast spreader, and disperse throughout your yard. Apply around your yard and garden and if possible, beyond the yard boundaries. It is recommended to water your yard 1-2 times within the next two days to help the active ingredients absorb into the soil quickly. The granular can be used in places were watering is not possible and the granular will release the repellent naturally with normal soil moisture over time.
These pests are also notoriously difficult to get rid of.   Repellex Mole & Vole Repellent is made from plant based materials and have no harmful chemicals or pesticides so they are safe to use if you have children. However, our repellents are not to be used on edible plants.
Application & Coverage

  • Each pound of granular will cover approximately 1,000 sq. ft.
  • 7 lbs.  will cover 7,000 sq. ft. with a single application

Tips / Suggestions
Moles and other burrowing pests remain action all year round. Winter damage may not be visible when the ground is covered with snow.  To protect during winter apply treatment in the late Fall before the ground freezes. NOTE: Pest activity may increase during the first 7 days of treatment as animals leave the area.  A sure indication that the treatment is working!
24 lb. tub (#230694) also available. Will cover 24,000 sq. ft. with a single application.

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