Fixes Your Soil, So You Can Grow Healthy Lawns & Gardens

“groSMART soilCORRECTION test helped me correct my soil, now I’ve stopped paying for fertilizers I didn’t need.”
– Molly

Don’t spend another penny on your lawn or garden without fixing your soil! Learn Why

The groSMART soilCORRECTION Test System Includes:

  • Laboratory soilCORRECTION Analysis
  • Results & User Dashboard
  • Customized soilCORRECTION Plan
  • Customized Product Recommendations

groSMART for Lawns


groSMART for backYARD Farming


What Makes groSMART so SMART?

Laboratory soilCORRECTION Analysis

Your soil is analyzed in our laboratory. We measure 10 different elements, plus pH, organic matter, and your soil’s capacity to retain nutrients.

Put Soil Science to Work for You

You’ll receive a custom plan for correcting your soil. It’s based on your analysis results and exactly what type of plants you’re growing.

Custom Recommendations from the Experts

We’ll show you precisely what to apply and when to apply it. Our recommendations are written by a team of experienced private and university agronomists.

Hear What groSMART Customers Had to Say.

Loved the prescriptive detail. So happy not to over apply anymore…never again.

Don W.

Couldn’t believe they answer the phone…I was shocked to talk to a real live person…very helpful.

John D.

Results were easy to understand, first time I ever understood!! Best part was the instruction…I just ordered what they prescribed.

Joshua M.

groSMART required a full 6 oz of my soil. I felt much more comfortable about their science. Instructions were the bomb!!

Bill M.

I’m hooked! Cancelled my lawn service. I’m actually in charge of my lawn now! And I’m trusting science!

Bobby W.

Whoever invented this system is a genius. I send them 6oz of garden soil, they send me 12 mos. of instructions!! My trips to the big box stores are over!!

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