Who needs this opp? 

Anyone who already has a soil test but isn’t sure how to make practical and effective use of the information.

The groSMART opp will take those soil test results you already have and turn them into a prescription you can follow to achieve growing successl With our groSMART instructions you will shop for products you actually need and, you will be able to apply them with confidence because with groSMART you know everything is 100% backed by science. Also, the instructions you receive will be for YOU and YOUR soil, no one-size-fits all approach with groSMARTI Instructions provided by groSMART are customized to your soil’s unique profile. And, best of all, by following groSMART instructions you won’t waste your money on products you don’t need, or by applying too much or too little. With groSMART you’ll apply only what you need when you need it. As an added bonus, this approach is environmentally friendly because you won’t contribute to harmful stormwater runoff caused by over-applied products. It’s a win-win!