Beautiful Lawns & Gardens Start with Healthy Soil

Start with the Science of soilCORRECTION

Gone are the days of waiting weeks to receive a soil analysis from a university extension office. No more analysis results loaded with jargon and instructions difficult for all but a trained soil scientist to understand. We provide you with an easy-to-understand, scientifically-based report that’s ready in 36 hours of receipt of your soilSAMPLE arriving at Stewardship Labs.

The soilCORRECTION Analysis

Our soilCORRECTION analysis gets to the root of the problem

groSMART Determines Your soilDEFICIENCES

We analyze for the following nutrients and properties showing those components that may fall below an optimal level necessary to achieve the best possible growing conditions for your soil type:

  • Soil pH
  • Organic Matter %
  • Capacity to Retain Nutrients
  • Soil Deficiencies
It's Easy!

Don’t guess, do the test and let us do the rest!

groSMART Results

You’ll receive an easy to understand results specifically designed for your benefit!


Results and instructions are emailed to you within 36 hours of your soilSAMPLE arriving at Stewardship Labs

groSMART Instructions

Our groSMART Calculator will tell you exactly the products needed to correct your soil and keep it corrected!

groSMART Specialty Products

The groSMART Calculator will provide an Annual Soil Prescription Guide listing the nutrient products you need to correct deficiencies in your soil. We recommend a combination of Espoma products and groSMART specialty products needed to correct your soil. groSMART products are not typically available at your local lawn and garden stores. We recommend these products only when necessary.

Our groSMART soilCORRECTION System
Traditional Soil Test
Corrects Your Soil Scientifically
groSMART provides 4 season instructions to correct your soil. Trust the science behind soilCORRECTION.
Most soil tests leave you confused. You get results, but no instructions.
Helps Your Soil and the Environment
Stop guessing. Stop overapplying. The groSMART soilCORRECTION system prescribes scientific instructions and even lets you select organic based remedy products.
Doesn’t fix your problem. You continue to over apply, which damages the environment.
Saves You Time and Money
By following our custom instructions, you will only apply the products needed, saving you time and money. groSMART products can be ordered online and delivered right to your front door.
You waste both time and money as you either over or under apply.
Free Customer Service
Our groSMART Experts offer free, live consulting to our customers, either online or through our toll free number. Call us with your questions!
You don’t understand your soil test results and there is no one to ask for help.

How does groSMART help you be a good steward of the environment.

Simple! We teach our customers how to stop over-applying fertilizers and other products. When you over-apply these products in your lawns, gardens, or landscapes, your soil just won’t retain them! They will eventually find their way to our rivers, streams and lakes.

Over applied fertilizers and other products can significantly damage not only your soil, but the environment. We help prevent over application by scientifically prescribing your customized application instructions.

We help keep your soil healthy while protecting the environment. groSMART’s prescriptive instructions are scientific and safe.